Okay, sot here were a lot of "..." in my last post. So for those complaining: Here's a few more ... and just a few more... almost done annoying you... just one more... maybe just one more... okay last one seriously... or was it? ... The end...or is it? decide....

Comments by Blizzarddog. Guestbook signed at: 11 Feb 2005, 12:43:44 GMT

Heh... frozen weenie... hmmm Actually, neither one of those are correct. I'm blizzarddog for a reason, my outstanding resistance to cold. So, I'd just be "Blizzarddog". Now if i got caught in a heat wave, I'd be a puddle on the floor.... or so it would seem...

Comments by Blizzarddog. Guestbook signed at: 11 Feb 2005, 12:42:00 GMT

If a blizzard dog got caught in a blizzard, would he then be just a double blizzard dog? or a frozen weenie?

Comments by Princess. Guestbook signed at: 01 Feb 2005, 3:45:28 GMT

Rock On Dude!

Comments by AlaMode. Guestbook signed at: 27 Nov 2004, 9:39:07 GMT

Okay, post here to say "Hey" or request something. Dont make stupid remarks, or insult something. Dont like the theme? Then change it! dont just sit there complaining like a useless chunk of driftwood.

Comments by Blizzarddog. Guestbook signed at: 06 Apr 2004, 10:53:14 GMT

Hey son, clean your room and take out the trash!!! ;-)

Comments by Mom. Guestbook signed at: 01 Mar 2004, 11:51:17 GMT

What's with the ultra gay snowflake theme?

Comments by SpankmEHarder. Guestbook signed at: 15 Feb 2004, 7:03:12 GMT

Yo, this site man its the shiznit yo.For real, Its a killer site man .

Comments by TremLoc. Guestbook signed at: 11 Feb 2004, 4:10:28 GMT

Ik ben bezig met het nakijken van je website.

Comments by E.S.J. Hulst-Plant. Guestbook signed at: 09 Feb 2004, 7:36:17 GMT

Hey, man, wuz up????

Comments by gordito. Guestbook signed at: 08 Feb 2004, 3:22:12 GMT

yoo too cool

Comments by midnughtravenx. Guestbook signed at: 31 Jan 2004, 4:14:51 GMT

The one and only! Master of destruction... Champion world wide wrestling......... Brammos a la playa!!!

Comments by Brammos a la playa. Guestbook signed at: 24 Nov 2003, 6:42:55 GMT

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