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Kamal is here!
Enjoy the puzzle platformer which so far won the a best game (Summer Gamedev) and a best graphics (GDA 2010) award. Get it here

Posted by (Com)Buster at: 2010-03-17, 16:53:06
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And as of today, we welcome back the one who once witnessed the creation, and is still leaving his marks. Please welcome, kuno Sandwichtaster!

Posted by (Com)Buster at: 2009-02-18, 21:09:07
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I'm cool

Posted by Sandwichtaster at: 2009-02-18, 21:05:10
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The spamfilter has been updated to match the current bot's posting style. Statistics show that 11008 posts were filtered. I removed a little over 1000 posts over the past few days by means of a simple script. That functionality has now been added to the standard spamfilter. The amount of bot posts that had to be removed manually is currently around the 20, who didn't have any advertising value anyway.
Summarized: don't post about spam subjects, the filter won't like it.

Posted by (Com)Buster at: 2008-02-02, 15:44:21
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Time for the big releases:
After a year of work, we present: Balleroid II You can find it on the download page.

Posted by (Com)Buster at: 2007-03-15, 23:47:09
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The server has been updated with the latest software. Everything should be in place once again. If you find that something is missing, dont hesitate to leave a message.

Posted by (Com)Buster at: 2007-02-04, 17:36:59
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Decided to upload one of my spare time utilities: Random Deskop Image
use it to change your desktop background to something random

Posted by (Com)Buster at: 2006-10-31, 12:33:18
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I have installed a homebrew spamfilter, which should keep this site a lot cleaner. Enjoy the now created lack of comments :/

Posted by (Com)Buster at: 2006-09-20, 12:55:37
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Check out my latest guitar composition. Notice, it's not rock, metal, shred, blues, etc etc, it's Classical. Yes, classical. played ona difficult to play acoustic guitar, so it's not a super well played recording. Plus my microphone sucks. Oh yea, it's in OGG Vorbis format.

Posted by Blizzarddog at: 2006-04-16, 00:15:43
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I was thinking of making a new game but I'm not really sure to make it about so I need some input. And if you'd like to help me with it that would be cool too. Just email me at

Posted by Alex at: 2006-04-01, 00:10:24
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Created this nifty utility: a Planet Raytracer. you can find some samples here , here, and here. There's a screenshot as well. Go visit the downloads section to get your copy.

Posted by (Com)Buster at: 2005-10-24, 19:15:32
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OK I had an idea that would involve anyone or everyone at Blizzarddog Inc. If you click this link and read the posts it will explain everything. If you would like to be a part of it email me at: (Hopefully the link works because I'm know for messing up things like that)

Posted by at: 2005-09-18, 17:01:52
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Please welcome our newest member, programmer and web designer: Spirit
Want to join as well? Leave us a note and we'll look into it

Posted by at: 2005-09-15, 17:17:48
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I added a new feature to the site: (we)blogs. On top of this page is the link you are looking for

Posted by at: 2005-08-12, 10:07:22
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Time for a big release: What Is..?
An work environment for students on diverse math subjects. Currently in English and Dutch. More languages following. You can take a tour. Mail us if you want more information. Prices are currently being determined

Posted by (Com)Buster at: 2005-07-14, 13:43:51
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So I just made a game called Catch Alex. It was to test the capabilities of the program I used to make it and use easiness stuff like that. It was the first game that I made with it so its not advanced at all and is pretty much just plain stupid! You may like it, most will just call it stupid but again it was only for testing purposes. I would like to make one seriously but I'm not sure what to make it about. If you have any ideas please email them to me, you can find my email on the members page. Oh and I hope you like "Catch Alex"... I dont expect you to like it exept for the fact that you can poke my face with your cursor.

Posted by Alex at: 2005-07-03, 02:53:58
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To help add motivation mong the company, I decided to give the old "Member of ..." method a try. Starting with week, i decided to give the first week to (Com)buster. Sorry, no parking space...

Posted by Blizzarddog at: 2005-06-30, 12:40:52
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Something I should have added to that last one, I also have Skype, register an appoinment to speak with me through email or instant messenger.

Posted by Blizzarddog at: 2005-06-27, 12:11:45
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As most of you may know, e are always wnanting to improvemsupport for the consumer. And now, if you live in america, and you dont talk for hours, you can contact my cell phone number. It's a tracphone, and that really does suck, but its works. Email me for the number.

Posted by Blizzarddog at: 2005-06-27, 12:05:46
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Chemo is there! Lets hope it'll be as addictive as it was intended to be. You can find it in the downloads section

Posted by (Com)Buster at: 2005-06-14, 22:20:33
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